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Cobo & Blázquez Law firm has extensive professional experience in defence before the courts of the various jurisdictions, civil (family, contracts, horizontal property), criminal and contentiousadministrative.
Cobo & Blázquez Law firm also has extensive experience in out-of-court conflict resolution, using different alternatives to deal with and resolve all kinds of disputes in the different areas of practice, civil, commercial or family matters, horizontal property, communities of owners.
Cobo & Blázquez Law firm provides personalized advice for the drafting and monitoring of all types of contracts, reports and opinions.

Land Planning and Urban Planning

Advisory and management services in the most diverse matters that include land-use planning processes and urban planning.
Consultations on urban conditions of soils and buildings: classification and qualification, current planning, discipline records.
Drafting of urban planning due diligence.
Preparation of opinions, reports or notes.
Management of urban planning licenses: works, first occupation, subdivisions.
Urban planning discipline records: replacement and sanction.
Preparation and processing of urban plans.
Allegations in public information procedures of territorial or urban planning.
Preparation and processing of Special Plans and Action Projects on undeveloped land.
Urban management: Compensation Boards, subdivision projects, cooperation system.
Management and return of deposits or bonds.
Special Plans and Action Projects on rustic land.
Management of rustic land and buildings: declaration of assimilation to the out-of-order regime.
Urban planning license files.
Legalization of actions.
First occupation licenses for old works.
Soil Classification and Soil Qualification: identification.
Appeals against General Urban Planning Plans and development instruments: Special Interior Reform Plan (PERI), Partial Plan (PP), Detailed study.
Records of Ruin of buildings.
Environmental discipline of activities.


Cobo & Blázquez Law firm provides specialized legal advice on real estate law, mainly rentals and sales, ranging from checking the legal status of the property with special attention to planning aspects, drafting contracts, assistance and, where appropriate, representation of the client in the signing of contracts and/or public deeds; assistance in all procedures after completion.
It also advises on all legal aspects related to the building of houses and the declaration of new construction; as well as the legalization and registration of old works and records of declaration of out of order (DFO) and assimilated to “out of order” (DAFO).
The advice in real estate matters includes the processing of files before the Cadastre for their adaptation to the physical and registry reality, of special incidence in the rustic plots, to achieve their registration in the corresponding Land Registry.
Regarding urban planning, the services provided by Cobo & Blázquez Abogados extend to the processing and obtaining of all kinds of licenses, authorizations and administrative concessions that allow the material execution of the projects and their implementation.


Cobo & Blázquez Law firm advises the client in a personalized way in the planning of his succession, analysing the options most favourable to his interests, taking into account his particular family situation as well as the tax implications in each case. In this sense, it guides and assists the client in the drafting of the will that best suits his personal and property situation.
Likewise, it offers comprehensive and personalized professional assistance throughout the process of inheritances both testamentary and intestate succession, including compliance with formal and tax obligations.


· Corporate:
– Company secretariat (announcements of AGM’s, drafting of minutes and certifications of the agreements passed, personal attendance at such meetings, among others). – Structural modifications of companies: mergers, acquisitions, divisions and incorporation of new areas of activity.
– Advice on potential liabilities of administrators. – Company incorporations
– Dissolution/winding up of companies. – Representation of partners at AGM’s. – Separation and exclusion of partners. – Statutory modifications.

· Contractual:
– Sale of companies.
– Legal audit or due diligence.
– Constitution of joint venture.
– Drafting or supervision of contracts.
– Purchase and sale of credit portfolios.
– Shareholder agreements or partner agreements.
– Participative loans.

· Procedural:
– Challenge of social agreements.
– Responsibility of directors.
– Patents and trademarks.
– Voluntary jurisdiction records regarding the call for an AGM.

· Bankruptcy, refinancing and planning:
– Debt renegotiation process.
– Advice to the debtor in pre-bankruptcy phase.
– Transfer in payment of debts (datio in solutum).
– Defence in foreclosure.
– Drafting of the initial pre- contest application.
– Law of 2nd opportunity.
– Communication of credits and appearance in the procedure.


Tax Law
– Tax advice and tax planning for companies and individuals, both residents and non-residents, with special attention to Double Taxation Agreements.
– Tax declarations: VAT, Income Tax, Corporate tax, Inheritance tax, Wealth tax Transmissions, etc.
– Tax representative of natural persons and foreign entities.
– Taxation of corporate restructuring operations: mergers, acquisitions, divisions, etc.
– Tax advice for Research, Development and Innovation (R + D + I).
– Taxation of related operations.
– International taxation.
– Defence and representation in proceedings for tax fraud.
– Assistance and defence before the Inspection, as well as tax checks.
– Tax regularization of capital before the Tax Administration.
– Legal defence in the administrative economic and administrative litigation. Appeals before all jurisdictional instances.
– Due diligence in tax matters.

· Accounting: Drafting and supervision of accounting for both individuals and SMEs and large companies.
– Formalization of Official and Auxiliary Books, both for commercial and tax purposes.
– Preparation, formalization and presentation of annual accounts to the Companies’ House.
– Advice from the business accounting organization.
– Accounting-tax planning.
– Abridged balance update.
– Due diligence.

· Economic Administrative Procedure and Administrative Litigation:
– Claims before the Municipal, Regional and Central Economic Courts.
– Administrative Litigation Procedure.
– Liability of the Administration.

Comprehensive Services and Management:
In order to offer the best customer service, we have an agency that allows us to resolve any administrative issue, including our services:
– Documentary processing before any administrative corporate body at the state, regional and local level in the national territory.
– Documentary processing before Public Registries: Companies’ House, Land Registry, Civil Registries, etc.
– Presentation of tax returns electronically or in person.
– Electronic certificates.